What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It has been described as “A user Guide for the Brain’.

We, as individuals, all perceive the world in very different ways; we all have different life experiences and view events through different lenses or filters if you like. There are many different factors that define who we are at different neurological levels. (more about that later). So every human experience is going to be subjective and differently structured. NLP is a study of that structure and a study of excellence.

Let’s look at what the words mean and how they are related to what we just talked about.

What are the 3 most influential components of a human experience?

– that controls and regulates how our bodies function via a neurological system (Neuro)


– that we use to communicate with ourselves and others (Linguistic)


– which is basically the way how our mind and language interact and what influence this interaction has on our body and behaviour (Programming)
This programme determines what kind of models of the world we create.

Simply put, you can look at NLP as a bag of tools and techniques used to explore your ‘map of the world’; the way you think, communicate and behave. It helps to discover your true potential and become the very best version of yourself.

How does it work?

Image of an onion representing layers of a person

Let me use the analogy of an onion to make it more visible for you.

Just imagine an onion with all the many layers it comes with.

Now think about it as if it was a human being.

When you first meet a person, what do you see? The way they dress, the way they look, their environment, etc. This is the first layer of the onion; The environmental factor.

Then you see how they act and behave. This is called the Behaviour Level. As you go deeper, you find the layers of their Skills and Capabilities, all the way through their Beliefs and Values. And then we get to the centre of the onion: their Identity.

And the core of the onion is their purpose.

You can imagine, if one’s environment, behaviour, etc don’t match their identity, they are going to suffer from inner conflicts which can manifest in many different ways (mental or physical health issues).

What does NLP do?

It helps you to explore and understand your map of the world guiding you through all your neurological levels and allows you to make positive, powerful and lasting changes to your own life.

You can make changes at any neurological level. The deeper level you make the change, the closer it gets to your true identity and purpose, the stronger, more congruent and more permanent it will be.

And EVERYONE can make a change.

Yes, that means You too!

Is this true? Can I really change my habits and the way I think any time, regardless of how old I am??
Good news! The answer is: Yes, it is true!

The human brain is extremely powerful and has the ability to change throughout our whole life span. This is called Neuroplasticity which is the adaptability of the brain.

Step by step, with practice, we are able to rewire our brain and change how we think, talk, behave, what our habits are, etc.

Using NLP, we ALL can change anything about ourselves just by practising the right behaviour patterns, ensuring congruence with our true identity throughout the whole process.

Watch this short video that explains in simple terms, what neuroplasticity is in action:

You can see now how it will work well for you as well, can’t you?