Certified NLP Practitioner
Training Course


Thank you for your interest in my fully accredited NLP Practitioner Course.
If you have come this far, you probably already have a rough idea of what Neuro-Linguistic Programming is. If not, you can will definitely find out on this course!

I’m sure you have a number of questions so I did my best to answer the most common ones below.

This course is for you if:

  • You have an open mind and like to experiment and explore the magical power of NLP and the human mind
  • You are curious about how the human mind works and how it can be re-wired and re-programmed so it becomes your best friend, ally and supporter in achieving what you want in life
  • You would like to improve your ability to understand others, communicate more effectively and positively influence others
  • You would like to know how to improve your life as well as others’
  • You are interested in self-development, personal development and/or helping people to grow
  • You are a parent and would like to help your children develop a healthy mindset, mental fitness and resilience
  • You would like to add new strings to your bow as a professional coach or therapist or would like to refresh your knowledge of NLP through learning and practice
  • You are at a crossroads in your life and would like to change career and are interested in moving into coaching (life, business, sales, etc.)

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are not opened to news of information and exploring your and other people's maps of the world
  • If you want a quick certificate but aren't willing to participate in the practical part of the course 
  • If you are not willing to learn about new ways of seeing the meaning of our thoughts, actions, behaviours and communication

What will this course give me?

  • Give you the theoretical knowledge base and practical experience and certification to practice NLP at practitioner level
  • Give you first-hand experience of the power and effectiveness of different NLP techniques at practitioner level
  • To provide you with countless opportunities for confidence building, self-development and personal growth

What will I learn?

  • The importance of the subconscious mind and its role in driving how we think, feel, behave and communicate

  • Essential skills for influential and effective communication:

    • The power of non-verbal and its influential role in our communication

    • The art of verbal communication and the use of different language patterns to have a positive influence on others

  • How to manage your mental fitness and wellbeing and how to help others to do so.

  • NLP coaching techniques to reduce anxiety, remove irrational fears and phobias

  • How to control your own emotional state so you can always perform at your best, and how to help others to do the same

  • How to create well formed, compelling and aligned goals (outcomes) that are understood and supported both by the conscious and the subconscious mind.

  • Techniques to release excessive amounts of negative emotion (anger, sadness, fear, guilt, etc.)

  • Techniques to ease and manage interpersonal conflicts either in your personal or professional life

  • Understand what programmes we run, what those strategies/patterns, what do we use them for, how can we change them so you can create more beneficial, healthier and more productive habits and behaviour patterns.

  • And so much more.

For the full syllabus, please email - ask for syllabus

What do people say about the course?

Simon Tucker

Sales Trainer and Sales Coach


Raman Mudhar

Risk Director

When Vanda mentioned she will be starting to train people about NLP, I think I may have actually clapped in excitement! For me, having Vanda as a coach was like having my own personal ‘Polly Pocket’ and now that I could learn and enhance some of my NLP techniques from her directly, it felt like I could take a little bit of Vanda with me.
The training, as expected was excellent. The community that Vanda had made for these sessions and the camaraderie we all shared was invaluable - it allowed you to feel comfortable practicing and making mistakes knowing everyone was there to support one another. It goes without saying that Vanda was superb in the delivery - infectious, happy to explain and most importantly be able to explain how we could use NLP in everyday situations. It felt more realistic and useful. The weekly homework was also actually quite fun!
I would have no hesitation in recommending training with Vanda to anyone because yes you get value for money but more importantly you get to be part of an environment where you’re able to be yourself AND learn more about yourself in a fun and relaxed way.

Jules McDonald

Senior Conductor

Connections Neuro Rehab

Mario Utassy

Aromatherapist • Hypnotherapist

Nicole Biggs

Counsellor, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

Green Oak Therapies

Paul Hill



Yuriko Shinjo

NLP Coach • Hypnotherapist


I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn and understand NLP, the user guide of the brain. It’s very useful and powerful to our personal growth, plus you can help others on their journey of personal growth as well, spreading the magic of NLP. I loved Vanda's groundedness which I felt comforting, and you know you are in good hands. I highly recommend Vanda’s courses.

Nigel Land

Life Coach • Hypnotherapist • Mentor


Vanda’s NLP practitioner programme is probably the best training and coaching programmes I have been a part of. It was fun, engaging and the personalities brought together had us laughing, caring and sometimes crying. Great balance between fundamental theory, its application, demonstration and coached practical workshops and created a depth of understanding and confidence in its use. I cannot recommend this programme highly enough for anyone with a curiosity of NLP through to those who wish to make a business for helping others. If you are considering taking the course, I would be more than happy to have a chat with you. The is fantastic and Vanda, you are fantastic. Thank you.

Is there an exam?

Yes, there is! The practical part of the course will be your practical assessment, and there will also be a written exam at the end.

RELAX! This exam isn’t there to fail you! It is there to help you build your confidence in your own knowledge and help you with your practice in the future.

What certification will I receive on completion?

This Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner course is provided by ‘Vanda Varga Training’ and is fully accredited by The CMA. Complementary Medical Association

At the end of the course, once you passed the assessments, you will be awarded an NLP Practitioner Certificate with which you will have the licence to practice as an NLP practitioner/ NLP Coach and be able to obtain necessary insurance to do so.

Plus! By completing this course, you will also be eligible to apply for membership at The CMA and register as a practitioner. This would come with vast membership benefits as well, which you can check out on the CMA website.

Why study with Vanda?

I have worked as a neuro-rehabilitation specialist (conductor, BA Hons, MA mod.) since 2004. As a conductor I specialised in working with people with different neurological conditions (Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, acquired Head Injury, Stroke, to mention a few). My bag has always been the brain, how it works, neuroplasticity and the incredible power of the human mind.

In 2018 I took on a new journey to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have been practicing as an NLP Master Practitioner and coach, Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Practitioner for a number of years, helping people with their personal growth. And while I run my own practice, I also live by the main principles of NLP and integrate it into my everyday life.

I am passionate about spreading the magic of NLP as it has a life changing, transformational impact on one’s life. Well, it certainly did for me and continues to do so every single day.

I believe in people’s potential and Life-Long Learning and that everyone learns differently, therefore everyone’s growth will look different.

As you can see, I spent most of my adult life researching and understanding the human mind, how it works and how it can be changed. And my mission is to help people understand their own mind too. Once we understand what is going on, we are more able to be in control of our feelings, actions, communication, and ultimately our lives, aren’t we?

What have participants to say about the trainer?

Yaron Engler

Musician, Coach for Men


Vanda’s passion for the teaching of NLP was felt strongly throughout the whole program. She created a good ambience for learning and was always available for anyone wanting extra time and support with the material or practices.

Kirsty Brunker

Life Coach


Mario Utassy

Aromatherapist • Hypnotherapist

Vanda is fantastic. She could explain everything clearly, she is showing a clear passion for NLP which you can feel through the screen. OMG what an energy!!! Everything was easy to follow and was delivered with a smile. She looks after everyone during the course. A very good trainer.

How long is the course and when is the next one?

This course is currently run online. To avoid us suffering from ‘zoom fatigue’, it will be stretched across 8 weeks; 8 half day training days. This course will be split into two 4 weeks blocks to accommodate school holidays and give you time to embed your skills by practicing.
First block

29th September, 6th, 13th and 20th October 2022 (Thursdays)
1pm-5.30-6pm (Including a number of breaks!)

Second block

10th, 17th, 24th November and 1st December 2022 (Thursdays)
1pm-5.30-6pm (Including a number of breaks!)

Please note: The course will only run if there are a minimum of 5 participants signed up to ensure quality of practice.

How much is the course and what do I get for the fees?

Your investment for the course is £1500 / participant And for your investment in yourself you will gain:
  • Fully accredited training course by an accredited trainer as explained above
  • Certification and licence to practice NLP at practitioner level
  • You'll become eligible to apply for membership at The Complementary Medical Association and register as a practitioner. This comes with vast membership benefits as well, which you can check out on their website.
  • UNLIMITED reattendance of the same online courses in the future for your CPD at no extra cost (in person meetings may have extra costs)
  • WhatsApp support group and 'Buddy-up' system for practice outside of the training days
  • Additional learning materials and resources. (Excludes manual.)
  • An 'Everyone's Growth Looks Different' notebook and a notepad to take your notes on with a fantastic, soft touch pen.
  • Is there an option to pay in installments?

    Yes, there is. The option of paying in monthly instalments by standing order is available. (Up to 6 months)

    And is there anything else?

    If there is anything that you haven’t found the answer to here, get in contact! I will be more than happy to answer your questions that will help you decide that this in fact is the right course for you!