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I’m Vanda and I am a Tour Guide to Your Mind®.

I’m on a mission to help people, like You, who are committed to making a change, explore their inner excellence and become the very best version of themselves; guiding them on their journey of self-enablement to grow in confidence and self-esteem and lead a purposeful, proactive and fulfilled life.

Take a look at the information and different types of sessions I offer below, and let’s book a complimentary call to see how I may be able to help You get to where You want to be.

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Vanda Varga

A Tour Guide to Your Mind®

Accredited Trainer and Master Practitioner
of NLP • Mental Health First Aider
Hypnotherapist • Personal Growth Coach

How Can I Help You?

In a programme tailored specifically for You, I use a combination of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Silva Method Self-Mind Control and coaching tools to enhance Your Mental and Emotional well-being and Personal Growth
These Transformative Services…
  • Offer you tools to create and maintain positive changes in your own life
  • Will facilitate you in accessing your inner excellence to increase your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief and create a more positive outlook on life
  • Help you to reduce the impact of Impostor thoughts and feelings
  • Turn your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs into empowering ones
  • Will facilitate you in finding strategies to deal with the anger, sadness, guilt or fear you may be experiencing
  • Are designed to reduce the impact of anxiety, frustration, and the feeling of being overwhelmed by
    • being able to control your inner ‘state’
    • observing a situation from a different perspective
    • releasing tension caused by inner conflicts

And so much more.

Looking forward to helping you explore your greatest potential and become the very best version of yourself!

Here’s to a brighter future! 🙂

Vanda - coaching & training mental health Hampshire

What My Clients Say

Pip Evan-CookPip Evan-Cook
08:53 23 Mar 24
Vanda helped me adjust my thinking around confidence in a new role. She’s thoughtful, caring and very good at making complex theories... simple for everyone to apply. Her work has really helped me, highly recommend her.read more
Tom PerkinsTom Perkins
21:34 05 Mar 24
Vanda is absolutely brilliant. She's calm, polite, respectful and an excellent good listener. She also has a wealth of helpful information... and techniques that really help. Highly recommended!read more
Jayne SteeleJayne Steele
19:30 26 Jan 24
I loved learning about the fascinating world of NLP and I’m glad I chose to learn with Vanda. The NLP practitioner course is packed with... information, delivered in a clear and easy to understand way. Vanda creates a learning environment which feels safe, fun and interactive, and there is a great mix of theory and practice. For anyone interested in learning about NLP I highly recommend this course.read more
Felicia ChavasseFelicia Chavasse
16:47 18 Jan 24
I have recently completed and passed my NLP practitioner qualification with Vanda! It was an incredible learning experience! Whether you... want to incorporate these techniques into your work, use with your family or friends or become a working practitioner, this course is amazing! Highly recommend! Thank you Vanda.read more
Kate FlemmingKate Flemming
16:20 20 Dec 23
I was very lucky to be able to participate in Vanda’s NLP Practitioner’s course recently which I have to say was a fantastic opportunity... and incredible experience!Vanda is a Master Practitioner and her enthusiasm, energy, positivity and incredible knowledge on the subject made this a hugely insightful and rewarding experience.The course is challenging but well worth the effort required. The lessons were a mix of listening and taking notes, watching videos of the various techniques and lots of practising with each other in the breakout rooms! It was a lot of fun and I was lucky to be part of such a wonderful group.If you feel a bit stuck, suffer with negative self-talk, want to learn more about yourself and how to communicate better with others, or are just curious and want to learn more about the fascinating subject of NLP I would highly recommend Vanda’s course. It’s a huge learning experience and a lot of fun!read more
Louise MillerLouise Miller
16:26 06 Oct 23
I loved working with Vanda. She is brilliant at what she does, and has a wealth of expertise to draw on. Not only was Vanda able to help me... work through challenging situations and find better ways of navigating them in future, she also helped me make the things that are going well in my life even better.I've recommended Vanda to so many people having experienced her magic for myself. Not just because she gets incredible results, but because her kindness, respect, complete lack of judgement and sense of fun makes any time spent in her company an absolute joy. Thank you Vanda!read more

1:1 Sessions

Increasing confidence, changing habits and behaviours, removing fears or phobias, anxiety and stress reduction, NLP based life coaching, hypnotherapy sessions, and so much more. Click here to learn more about all services.

Have you been diagnosed with a life changing neurological condition (Parkinson’s MS, CP), suffered a stroke or a head injury? Do you feel that it is taking its emotional toll and affecting your mental health?

Has your loved one been diagnosed with a neurological condition, suffered a stroke or a head injury? Have you suddenly found yourself in the role of a carer for your partner, child or your parent?

What is…?

I use a variety of different methods and techniques in my practice. Having such a vast range of tools allows me to pick out the ones that are the most suitable for you and your circumstances.

You can learn more about the three main methods by following the links below.

In a programme tailored specifically for you, I use a combination of NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and coaching tools to enhance your emotional well-being.

In a programme tailored specifically for you, I use a combination of NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and coaching tools to enhance your emotional well-being.

In a programme tailored specifically for you, I use a combination of NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and coaching tools to enhance your emotional well-being.